Gleb Gusev


I had an interest in mathematics since childhood, which led me to specialize in mathematics in Moscow School №5 (1993–1197), and then School №57 (1997-2001). I have participated in various mathematics competitions since 9 years of age, becoming especially interested in the Moscow Mathematics Olympiad. I joined its organizing committee after graduation. I have graduated from the MSU Mechanics and Mathematics Faculty, as well as the Independent University of Moscow. Now I am involved in various scientific projects and seminars.

I travel a lot: hikes around Russia with friends and research trips abroad. I like sports (I studied ballroom dancing and fencing as a kid; played volleyball and “Ryba” as a university student). I sing in the “Little Capella” choir, and also like to sing and play the guitar at friendly gatherings.

E-mail: gleb57 [at], gusev [at]

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