Daniil Musatov


I was born on July 6th 1984 in Moscow.

From 1990 to 2001 I was a student of the Moscow Gymnasium №1543. Starting from 1995, I participated in student competitions in mathematics, physics, chemistry, etc., winning several prizes. I have won 2nd place at the 1999 and 2001 Moscow student olympiads in mathematics, and 2nd place at the student olympiad in mathematics of the Russian Federation.

In 2001 I started my studies at the MSU Mechanics and Mathematics Faculty, joining the Department of Mathematical Logic and Theory of Algorithms in 2003. I graduated with honors in 2006, defending a diploma thesis titled “Extractors and an Effective Variant of Muchnik’s theorem”.

In 2001 I also began studying at the Independent University of Moscow, graduating in 2006.

In 2006 I joined the Master of Economics program at the New Economic School, graduating cum laudae in 2008.

I started my postgraduate studies in 2006 at the Department of Mathematical Logic and Algorithm Theory of the MSU Mechanics and Mathematics Faculty.

From 2007 I give lectures at the Faculty of Innovation and Advanced Technology of the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, teaching game theory, mathematical logic and algorithm theory, computation complexity.

I also lead seminars at the New Economic School: Microeconomics 1–5, Spatial Economics, Theory of International Trade, Auction Theory.

I gave presentations at two Russian and two international conferences on mathematics and economics.

My research interests include computational complexity, Kolmogorov complexity, game theory, spatial economics.

My hobbies include urban orienteering (many times participant and winner of various competitions), “Ryba” (founder and leader of the informal “Ryba club”), local history, photography, travelling (I have been to 65 regions of Russia and 18 foreign countries), jazz.

I have a blog at http://musatych.livejournal.com

Married to Elena Musatova, with no children so far.

E-mail: musatych gmail com

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